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24th May 2024 
About Julie Barber. Julie photo

About Julie Barber

I qualified as an AT teacher in 1993 from the (3 year) training course at the Constructive Teaching Centre in London. This long established international school was directed by Walter and Dilys Carrington, who trained and worked with FM Alexander in the late 1930s, and taught and trained AT teachers for over 60 years.

Since qualifying I've taught Alexander Technique in a variety of settings including the BBC, the public sector, primary and secondary schools, adult education programmes, drama schools and the City. I've even used it to assist at two births. I've given workshops in the Department of Health on how to improve presentation and performance skills, and for the Office of Public Management in helping high flyers learn to relax.

For many years I taught on the Carrington's Alexander Teacher training programme and post-graduate courses, but now I work mainly from home in Muswell Hill, North London. At present I am a guest teacher at LCATT, the London Centre for Alexander Technique Training. I regularly take part in ongoing professional development work.

I'm a member of STAT - the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique - the internationally recognised professional body for all qualified Alexander teachers and have served on its PR and Marketing Committee. All STAT members are fully insured and bound by its Code of Conduct.

I'm Irish and before I became an AT teacher I managed the Field Day Theatre company. It was renowned for producing new Irish plays, touring them in Ireland, followed by a London run at the Royal Court or Hampstead theatres. It was a very busy job, both exciting and very stressful. After hearing me frequently bemoan my aches and pains, friends suggested I take Alexander lessons. At first I was sceptical but after just a few lessons I felt a very tangible improvement. My chronic back and abdominal pains eased, my resilience to pressure improved and I felt stronger in body and mind. The AT offered me the tools to work with my body and mind, and be better equipped to self-manage my own health. I was intriqued and wanted to learn more.